clj-di: dependency injection for clojure and clojurescript

I was surprised when i found that no one wrote library for dependency injection which works on clojure and clojurescript. I found component, but it’s too complex and not working with clojurescript.

So i developed little library – clj-di. I wrote it using cljx, so library can work with clojure and clojurescript. Library uses atom with hash map for storing dependencies. Dependency can be registered and received using keyword.

Library has two ways for registering dependencies. Permanently with register! (i use it in lein-ring :init for creating db connections):

(register! :db (Database.)
           :logger (get-logger))

And for code block with with-registered (i use it in tests for registering mocks):

(with-registered [:db (Database.)
                  :logger (get-logger)]

And two ways for receiving dependency. With get-dep function (useful for receiving single dependency):

(get-dep :db)

And with let-deps macro (useful for receiving more than one dependency):

(let-deps [conn :db
           log :logger]

You can see more on github and in documentation.

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