Simple application for Google Glass written in scala

About a month ago I received Google Glass and only last weekend I found time for developing something for it. I don’t have a lot of experience in developing software for android, so I’ve started developing simple TODO application.

As a language I selected scala (but I think I should try to write similar application in clojure) and gradle as a build system (because it works out of the box with Android Studio).

For integrating scala and gradle I’ve used gradle-android-scala-plugin which works perfectly and requires adding only ~10 lines to build.gradle for configuration.

And I used scaloid — it’s a very great library, it makes work with android API less painful and makes code a bit more Scala-style.

Developing in scala for android is fun, but I stumbled over one not straightforward problem (perhaps it’s straightforward for mature android developers) — compilation fails with:

[info] Generating classes.dex
[warn] trouble writing output: Too many method references: 181232; max is 65536.
[warn] You may try using --multi-dex option.
[warn] References by package:

And the simple solution — change my proguard config to:

-dontwarn scala.**
-keep class scala.collection.SeqLike {
    public protected *;

Another minus it’s compile time. My simple application compiles around 1.5 minutes, tests — around 1 minute. But I found that incremental compilation will be available soon in gradle-android-scala-plugin, so this minus will disappear.

Source code of result, video of result:

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