Three months in Budva, Montenegro

Work from beach sucks!

The latest three month I was living In Budva, Montenegro. It’s a small town between the sea and the mountains with great climate (in comparison with weather in Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

I was working remotely and lived by a tourist visa (maybe not a visa, just a stamp in a passport), because of that I was required to leave the country once a month (probably origin country depend). It’s a bit troublesome, but I visited Istanbul (Turkey) and Belgrade (Serbia), which is nice.

Also in Montenegro It’s obligatory to receive the document called “beli karton”. For that you need to pay around €25 (for a month) in a bank, and receive this document in tourists office.

As a landline internet only ADSL available with 7Mbps/768kbps (works more like 3-4Mbps), which is enough for most of tasks, but pulling docker images and pushing code to GAE was a pain. Costs around €25.

For a mobile internet I used packs for 1GB for €3 for 15 days, I don’t remember the speed, but according to the indicator on the phone it was HSDPA.

About prices:

  • one-bedroom apartments for a month if you rent for three – €200;
  • utilities (including internet and mobile phone) – €50-70;
  • food for one person for a week, meat/fish/seafood everyday – €30-50;
  • can of beer – €1-1.25;
  • bottle of local wine – €4;
  • burger/kebab – €0.8-1.2.

Also I tried to work from a beach, and with my laptop screen it wasn’t possible.

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