Import python modules straight from github

In Go we have ability to import modules from github, like:

import ""

It’s a bit controversial feature, but sometimes it’s useful. And I was interested, is it possible to implement something like that in python. TLDR it’s possible with import_from_github_com package:

from github_com.kennethreitz import requests

assert requests.get('').status_code == 200

So, how it works, according to PEP-0302 we have special sys.meta_path with importer objects and every importer should implement finder protocol with find_module(module_name: str, package_path: [str]) -> Loader|None. Now we need to implement finder that handles modules, which path starts with github_com, like:

class GithubComFinder:
    def find_module(self, module_name, package_path):
        if module_name.startswith('github_com'):
            return GithubComLoader()

And now we need GithubComLoader that implements loader protocol with load_module(fullname: str) -> None, I’ll skip private methods of the loader here, they’re straightforward and not interesting in context of the article:

class GithubComLoader:
    def load_module(self, fullname):
        if self._is_repository_path(fullname):

        if self._is_intermediate_path(fullname):
            module = IntermediateModule(fullname)
            module = self._import_module(fullname)

        sys.modules[fullname] = module

So what’s IntermediateModule, it’s a dummy module/package for paths like github_com.nvbn, it’s used only in intermediate steps and shouldn’t be used by end user. Installation happens in _install_module method, it just calls pip with git url, like:

import pip

pip.main(['install', 'git+'])

All looks very simple, let’s try it in action:

>>> from github_com.kennethreitz import requests
Collecting git+
  Cloning to /tmp/pip-8yyvh7kr-build
Installing collected packages: requests
  Running install for requests
Successfully installed requests-2.9.1
>>> requests.get('').status_code

Sources on github.

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