Three months in Cyprus

Nicosia aqueduct

From March to May I was in Cyprus. Most of time I was in Nicosia, but visited most of Cyprus’s cities. Nicosia located in the middle of the island, 30-50 minutes by bus from the sea (Larnaca). The city split between two countries and has some sort of wall.

For entering country I was using Pro Visa, it’s very easy to obtain, you just need to fill some form and send to consulate by email. It allows to stay 90 days in Cyprus.

In Nicosia I was living in city center, and was renting apartment with shared kitchen for €300 including water, electricity and internet. Internet was like 20 MBit/s.

Mobile internet is a bit pricey, I was using MTN and paid €15 for 1.5GB for month. LTE available in almost all cities.

Food is relatively cheap, for everyday meat/fish/seafood I spend around €40 per week. Prices is supermarket near my apartment was €4-5 for pork, €5-6 for chicken, €5-10 for fish and €8-10 for octopus and other seafood, €0.3-1 for vegetables.

Alcohol is also cheap, €1-1.5 for can of beer, €4-5 for six pack. Local wine was around €4-5. Local strong drinks like Ouzo and Zivania was €5-10.

Main problem with shopping in Cyprus, is that shops close very early on Wednesday and Saturday, and they doesn’t work on Sundays.

Although, Nicosia is very comfortable place to live.

In this trip I also visited Israel for two weeks, lived in Tel-Aviv. And Georgia, for two weeks too, lived in Tbilisi. They’re both very nice and interesting places.

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