A year in Prague


From September 2016 to August 2017 I was living in Prague, it was almost a year. I was studying the Czech language there because I was planning to continue my education and finish university here. But I decided that studying and working full time simultaneously is too much for me, so I’m moving to the Netherlands for work. Got B2 in Czech language and got accepted to two universities in Prague though.

I was living in the country with a student visa. CR student visa is fairly easy to obtain, it just requires confirmation from a university and around €5000 on a bank account. With this kind of visa, you can entry Czech Republic multiple times and travel all over Schengen Area.

Because I was studying, I managed to live in a students campus, but in something like an apartment, but with a shared kitchen for 7500 CZK (€300). The only problem that it was far away from the city center. But the city is not too big, and as a student, I’ve got a travel card almost for free. So the location wasn’t a big problem.

Internet was included in my rent, I had something around 50 Mbit/s. Mobile internet and mobile operators in the Czech Republic are the worst. I was using Vodafone and initially, I was paying 519 CZK (€20) for 4GB, but somehow in June this option disappeared and I started to pay 399 CZK (€15) for just 1.5GB.

Food is cheap there, I was spending around 800 CZK (€30) per week for everyday chicken/meat/fish. Although in Prague there’s very small selection of fish and almost no seafood. The booze is very cheap there, 15-25 CZK (€0.5-1) for a fairly good beer in a supermarket and around 30 CZK (€1.2) in a pub.

Summing up everything, Prague is a very nice city with a lot of cultures, attractions, and events. It’s in the middle of Europe and it’s very easy to travel from there. And I kind of glad that I was living there.

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