Make KissCartoon usable with Chromecast

KissCartoon is a nice place to watch cartoons, but it’s not usable with Chromecast at all. It doesn’t play next episode automatically. But it’s very easy to fix with a small Chrome extension. TLDR: Castable KissCartoon.

So how it works?

When you open a page with a player, it’s starting to listen for an ended event:

const enableAutoplay = (player) => player.addEventListener('ended', () => {
  window.localStorage.setItem('autoPlayingBefore', location.href);
}, false);

When the event emits, it puts current URL in localStorage and clicks next button. After the next page is loaded, it ensures that the previous page is the page with the previous episode:

const isContinuingPlaying = () => {
  const previous = window.localStorage.getItem('autoPlayingBefore');

  const [previousBtn] = document.getElementsByClassName('preev');

  return previousBtn.href === previous;

If the extension is sure that we on the page with the next episode, it toggles fullscreen. But we can’t actually toggle fullscreen, it’s not possible to call requestFullscreen because it can be called only from a callback initiated by a user event. So the extension uses a little hack. It dims other elements on the page and expands the player by setting position: fixed. And it works well with Chromecast, the player fills the whole TV.

const enableFullscreen = (player) => {
  const offlight = document.getElementById('offlight');'position', 'fixed');;

  let isExited = false;
  document.addEventListener('keyup', ({keyCode}) => {
    if (keyCode === 27 && !isExited) {'position', '');;
      isExited = true;

And that’s all! Source code, Chrome extension.

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